Thursday, January 28

Monday, January 25


i figured out his head. still just a doodle though.

Sneaky Sneaky insane sock monster doodle

im not happy with his head. I want a more..almost psychotic-eyed fluffy big headed cat face, looking back behind him and maybe whistling as he sneaks away wearing a straightjacket, but its a doodle ill work on him. I dooooo love his body. theres a nice flow to it.

Sunday, January 24

New doodle.

i may finish this one. give her skin a nice slick wet leather kind of texture. give her some arms. perhaps..

Wednesday, January 20


i have a story for this picture that i may make into a small comic. its a nice story. peaceful.

Tuesday, January 12


Another friend on 3dbuzz gave me a challenge with a list of sentances *either spoken words, or actions*
Heres the result


This, was fun. A Friend over on 3dbuzz asked me to create a worm for him in a doctor suit, so this is what i did a while ago. It started off quite a challenge pulling the character out of the worm body, trying to find its balance and sort of pose it but the challenge each time was rewarded with a good character, so yay ^^

Saturday, January 9

Junior Infants - Primary School

So, i went down to my old primary school for a looksee as my dad is rewiring it and the place is empty. It was amazing walking through and remembering little things that happened 10 years ago but yeah, i had to do something with it so im rebuilding the interior as it was, just a little chunkier and nicer. It was my favourite class where we drew all the time, and got sweets and parties on our birthdays. all classes should be like that. I still have to sort a few things out and from there, ill start building the desks, blackboards and the wonderfully comfortable stack of schoolbags and coats ^^ more to come

Friday, January 8

Next Step

I feel good about this picture. Im getting better and my eye for form is growing like an enormous water balloon being propelled into a vast wondertwist of extra super awesome juice. FUN!