Thursday, November 22

Cutout Animation

I added some simple sounds. This was shot in two parts, thats why there's different lighting for the 2nd half. Its rough, and dumb, but i like it. At this point, as long as im doing any kind of animation im happy. It might not be all out character animation using 3d space just yet but its still a lot of fun.

Monday, November 19

Cutout Animation Test

a quick in-class animation. check out the new youtube page for our class too and check out everyone elses work! yeah! doing things!

Saturday, November 10


a quick song i made earlier

Mojo Gogo

A different kind of post, but worth it. Mojo Gogo, an Irish band from Donegal have produced their first official video. Share it around, rub it under your arms, whatever, just give it a listen

Thursday, November 8


some late night attempt to have something to show tomorrow in class. 4:17am splonk.