Friday, March 26

First Zbrush Model (WIP)

So, after getting a nudge from a friend (Rene Larsen- ) i downloaded the zbrush trial and went through the Intro to Zbrush videos from the ADP class over on 3dbuzz ( ) and played around. Here is my current progress on this dudes head.

Thursday, March 25

Augmented Foam Sculpting for Capturing 3D Models

I wanted to throw out a quick post about this because personally, i found it pretty interesting and i think its worth a look. I wont do this too often but i know the guy and i like to help out. His name is Michael Marner

Foam Sculpting

The inspiration for this work came out of a project we did with some industrial design students. Their job was to create some input devices for my SAR Airbrushing system. First up, we had a meeting where I showed them a very early stages of development version of the system, to give them an idea of what we were doing. They went away and came up with ideas for input devices, and in the next meeting had a bunch of sketches ready. We discussed the sketches; what we liked and what we didn’t like. Next, they brought us foam mockups of some of the designs. We discussed these, and then eventually they came back with full CAD models ready for 3D printing. They did a great job by the way. But it got us thinking:

How can we make this process better?

(go to his website to read on and leave him a comment if you enjoyed, thanks)

Monday, March 22

Old Man

I need to study a hell of a lot more anatomy as you can seeee. The book i got (John Raynes Complete Anatomy and Figure Drawing)) was pretty helpful and in depth with all the muscles and tissues, but again, this wasnt really a start on anatomy, i was just playing. Even still, he's not finished. im going to study anatomy now for the next few weeks which is quite a departure from my usual take, but hopefully it will help in the long run

Tuesday, March 16


Heres a quick look at the process for creating a chicken with gills. Because underwater chickens just sound cooler.

Daniel O Toole: Character Design - ChickenGills - from Daniel O Toole on Vimeo.

Monday, March 15

Another TD Fail -15/03/10

But at least i got some characters out of it
ShriekSkull (flip him upside down and you get a doubting pig)

a fish with a hand.

Hyperactive Super Gloofish

And a chicken!...with gills!

Sunday, March 14

TD Creatures (meh) 14/03/10

Slug - Drawing Video

I decided to flick on my camera today as i was doodling and i captured this lil guy. i squeezed it into 10 minutes, but for those of you who dont give a crap, the pretty picture is right below the video. you're welcome. ^^

Blue Pencil Character Design - Slug - from Daniel O Toole on Vimeo.

I wanted to mention too that one of my friends just got funding for a book!
you can follow their design and production art throughout the whole process over on

So leave them a comment an' all that good stuff. bye bye.