Monday, March 15

Another TD Fail -15/03/10

But at least i got some characters out of it
ShriekSkull (flip him upside down and you get a doubting pig)

a fish with a hand.

Hyperactive Super Gloofish

And a chicken!...with gills!


  1. i really like the chicken with gills, fun stuff. I love combining animals together, i find it really fun. Only thing is that i dont get what is happening in the gloofish one. Other than that though its great stuff!

  2. ha yeah, i agree. The TDs are an hour long get together with a few other artists online. They're pretty fun and good practice. i drew these kinda big whereas i should have stuck with thumbnails. But yeah, the hour was up and i had to throw something together heh. Its meant to be a side shot of an alien fish. But by the end i wasnt sure to take the photo of him as he is, or upside down. i think i drew him upside down, flipped him over and drew another eyeball. ^^ thanks for the comment. nice to see theres someone popping by every now and then :)