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Thursday, December 20

The Most Horrible Email...

So, i recently received an email from a fellow doodler with a crit on my work..
This is just a little update to say thanks! :D I want to show this (hope you don't mind) to help other artists or at least just let them see where i went wrong. I got lazy by the time i got to the hips/dress and didn't do any construction work under the dress (her legs). Because of this, the image doesn't read right, as illustrated by the drawover (see below)
He mentions Straights vs Curves, one of the basic principals. Examples found here: Seven Camels - Straights Vs Curves and here: Elephant Art - Straights Vs Curves (also check out that blog for his doodles and photo reference) The silhouette is basically used to check how clear your drawing is being read without any of the details. I realised that i wasn't remembering to always refer back to these aids. The basic principals can be found in the first chapter of the Disney book 'Drawn to Life'. An essential for any animator. You might not want to buy it, but you can at least flick through the first few pages on Amazon, and maybe pick up on some of the things he is talking about, but naturally you'd be better with a physical copy to refer to. Here is the link to the book on Amazon where you can preview it. Amazon - Drawn to Life If you want to buy it, i would go to the Book Depository. Free shipping and you will usually find a better price.. Book Depository - Drawn to Life Finally, i wanted to share some of Preston Blairs tutorials. As far as im aware, these are up as a free resource so gooooooooooo! Animation Resources - Preston Blair And with that, i say thankyou again Mr.Man! your time and effort is much appreciated. This is the best link you'll click all day

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