Tuesday, May 25

Scan test

Wanted to check the quality when scanned. Had to scan the image in bits which is annoying

Monday, May 24

The Lab Of Science!

Here is something working on at the moment along with a few other things. At this stage, its still very messy, not meaning the coffee stain but this is a photo of a doodle, i have yet to scan it in and cleanup. I wanted to get a better idea of how i wanted the final image to look so i took them into photoshop. I love doing this piece, took me back to technical drawing back in school but with the freedom to explore and create a whole scene. more of these to come too. when im done with everything. YUP.

District 9 was the first thing that popped into my head.. makes it look more offical..y....-ish. what?

Wednesday, May 12

Loch Ness - Wip 02

Unfortunately i didnt get to spend time at this today but heres what i have to work with at the moment. IIm redoing the tail because i wasnt feeling the first one i had.
Anyway, thought it splooge my 'progress' across. hope you like where its going.

Monday, May 10

The Loch Ness - Wip

I started this earlier today whilst on livestream. Didnt do a whole lot on it later but here's the 'halfway' mark. Aaaand i've been listening to some epic bagpipe music. YEAH!