Friday, April 30

Freaky Bunny Wip

I havent posted in a while. Im back to drawing. Been getting a good few doodles together bit by bit and ill make a large dump here soon enough. Hold tight little ones!
I lost my wacom pen last week so that sucks. No idea where it is and considering i havent left the house..ever, i am confused by this. Head hurtings.
I drew this bunny earlier, scanned him into the computer unfinshed just so i play with him. I usually end up staring at drawings and thinking them out for sometimes hours, depending on how much i like it..before i make another move on it to finish. mm, maybe not such a good thing but i like the staredowns. He still needs another leg and arms but i know where im gonna put them now, so..yeah. why am i still awake..

Wednesday, April 21

Milky Girl

didnt do much with it but i got most of the problems sorted out. Still need to refine, pose her and other stuff.. I've been approaching this model by doing a test run first and then loading up my saved file and going for it again. Been working out so far, slow sure, but im learning.

Tuesday, April 20

Cute Girl Wip

wip shot of a full body sculpt. she looks good from the side, alot of playing around needed on the front. Ill show when im happy with it.

Thursday, April 15

Some Old Doodles

I just got back onto my main computer last night and found some old unfinished doodles, just like these ones!