Friday, May 31

Monday, May 20

.Sculpting Vid

I didnt capture the early stages of the sculpt but it does cut the video down by about 10 minutes. Still not finished, ill make a turnaround video in the future

Hair, why not..

Saturday, May 18


better quality photos. after a few bumps and smacks. Some clay figures may have been harmed.

Where you putting yo' finguhs!

its a webcam pic. the horror! i wanted to have some record of this before i mash his face up again. farewell've always looked down at me in disappointment. it was...nice.

Tuesday, May 7

Orange sandwich (updated)

usual problems, the hand placement and his right leg. need to make him chew his face a little less too. poor guy and his delicious face..

Friday, May 3

Honey, there's a hippy in the garden..

now i need to figure out what he's actually doing. im picturing him in the garden washing something with a hose...