Wednesday, January 19

Final Run

just uploading to get a few more crits before i finish the linework.

also, this version made me giggle. thought i'd share

Hi Disney!

Almost there i think

Tuesday, January 18


Started working on some other doodles during a break from this. Getting there.

Sunday, January 16

Cosmic Beeswax

My brother Jason, 'ChungaFlomper' has his first gig in De Burgos, Co.Galway coming up soon. I made this advertisment poster to throw around a few places. Honestly, im not happy with it yet, it was pushed a bit and i didn't get everything done i wanted, but it will be improved over time. If you're around that area, i'd check him out. Original Music by all three acts.

Tuesday, January 11

Tangled Doodle Comparison

i knew these two drawings wouldn't line up as i was in the middle of my own. I didn't account for certain things. I think this is a good example of how much nicer pencil drawings are to digital. i wanted to show an overlay of mine to his but really, it's just annoying on the eyes and we don't want that :)

Friday, January 7

Tangled Doodle

Howdy. I bought 'The Art Of Tangled' book for myself a couple of weeks ago. Really fantastic book, great art, i'd highly reccommend it.
Hopefully the movie kicks as much ass

Decided on attempting one of the doodles on the inside cover page. 10-15 minute sketch. I haven't scanned in the original yet to see how far off i am but myeh, here.