Saturday, April 27

Uninspired - a depressing tale

Im having a lot of trouble drawing recently. Its really quite annoying since i know i can draw, but everything i do lately feels like an underachievement. I usually wouldn't whine and post about it like this..but it builds up. How in the hell would i manage if i had a job at this?
I love drawing, and i always have.. but lately drawing hasn't been about enjoying it or drawing something i wanted to. it all feels so forced and that's never what i imagined this becoming. Better luck tomorrow? duurr

Wednesday, April 3


We were asked to make a set piece to a story of our choice. it's all clay, and some dirt. i cut out the bg because i caught houses & cars in the photo and it still didn't look nice with those taken out. It's a really terrible photo too. all blurry. So here's something half assed. if i didn't leave it till last minute it could have been cool. i wanted to build trees and draw a 50ft bear silhoutte towering over them. we'll see..