Wednesday, January 30


YAAAAAAAAAAAY. I've been waiting on this one for a while. Disneys 'Paperman'. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 24


Not the final look. Something to look at whilst i figure it out

Monday, January 21

The Floor

Basic concept from my 'Narrative & Visual Storytelling' class this morning. Write a story using an inanimate object with a conflict in the middle & a resolution. Picked the most obvious thing in the room. It's redecoration time!

Well, what a letdown

I didn't work on this. simply put.. a few doodles and no effort. I only put it together to show a mentor i made a start.

Sunday, January 13

The Wedding Audio

So this will roughly be the audio for the Wedding animation, cut short at around the 1:00 mark. The narrator and all round awesome person is Alan Watts. Check him out

Thursday, January 10

The Church

Almost there. Flowers and all that will be added when painting