Tuesday, April 13


Now to start sculpting.


  1. Cool you had a go at Zsphere's 2, how did you find them? I havent tried them yet but been meaning to

  2. I love them. So amazingly easy to pose a character. That guys is actually built using zpheres, thats the mesh i got from them alone. But i realised after that that guy was useless, because anything i tried to model symetrically, obviously wouldnt't translate over to say the other hand, if i were working on one. But yeah, i figured that one out, so i've been making loads of little puppets and dolls and you can really pull out a nice character shape almost instantly. I've been using Zbrush 3.5 R3 for the past few days now. That has a new feature called ZSketching, where you can pull out some nice muscles ontop of the Zspheres which will now act as an armature, like real clay. OR you can build one Zsphere, and sketch/build on top of it like, adding in each individual muscle, or building lumps of them. Might be hard to imagine, so: http://www.scribd.com/doc/26932148/ZBrush-3-5-Tutorials

    In my opinion, they are awesome. Definately check try them out.

  3. Hey sorry about the delay but been up the walls, cool thanks for the info, I have seen a few vids of this zsketching before, its fantastic, I have to get some time together to play and see what I can come up with, I am hoping some day the makers of zbrush move their package along to an extent u can work extremely well without the need of 3ds max or maya. Cheers for the link too, ill have a look over it.