Thursday, April 15

Some Old Doodles

I just got back onto my main computer last night and found some old unfinished doodles, just like these ones!


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  2. Hah, these doodles are great! The cute chick pose is really..well.. cute! (if you fix that left eye, I totally would). Also ridiculously happy limbless child gave me a giggle but the last one I laughed my ass off I was like, that is one fucked up pig, wait... is that explosive diarrhea? xD

    edit: typo!

  3. haha.. it actually did start off as an animal taking a poo, then a 3 legged horse, and then back to pig poo YEAH! Ill fix her up someday soon, for a high price strangah..whatcha sellin? whatcha buying? hehehe..