Friday, April 30

Freaky Bunny Wip

I havent posted in a while. Im back to drawing. Been getting a good few doodles together bit by bit and ill make a large dump here soon enough. Hold tight little ones!
I lost my wacom pen last week so that sucks. No idea where it is and considering i havent left the house..ever, i am confused by this. Head hurtings.
I drew this bunny earlier, scanned him into the computer unfinshed just so i play with him. I usually end up staring at drawings and thinking them out for sometimes hours, depending on how much i like it..before i make another move on it to finish. mm, maybe not such a good thing but i like the staredowns. He still needs another leg and arms but i know where im gonna put them now, so..yeah. why am i still awake..

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