Sunday, March 14

Slug - Drawing Video

I decided to flick on my camera today as i was doodling and i captured this lil guy. i squeezed it into 10 minutes, but for those of you who dont give a crap, the pretty picture is right below the video. you're welcome. ^^

Blue Pencil Character Design - Slug - from Daniel O Toole on Vimeo.

I wanted to mention too that one of my friends just got funding for a book!
you can follow their design and production art throughout the whole process over on

So leave them a comment an' all that good stuff. bye bye.


  1. You got pretty fingerrrrs...

    Its really cool to watch you draw, kinda hypnotic @.@

  2. Good stuff man, i've been thinking of doing a video meself and speeding it up, love them things!! Cheers for the mention aswell. Did you get that amnga studio I gave to jason?

  3. hey man, thanks. yeah the videos are good for looking over your workflow. No worries about the mention, least i could do. Yeah, i did get it and really, huuuuge thanks for that. Nice surprise. I said thanks when i responded to your email :) i can see it speeding me up a hell of a lot. i havent played with it too much. I've switched to traditional for a bit. But i checked out the grid system they have in there. Fully customisable..i was thinking of setting up quick scenes with it. you could build little houses and all that with more grids.. and you can move the camera around to look for a better shot..really sweet. Definately be using it when im pushing on my comic. Thanks!

  4. Cathal: ha. everyone seems to be looking at my fingers. i even got an 'ew' for having a little dirt on my index finger. Thanks ^^
    i've watched it myself a few times to look over what im doing. Just happy noone walked in whilst im recording myself drawing and then get caught watching the XXXvideo :O phew