Monday, November 1

Here are some other wip doodles whilst i was coming up with the image i posted last night. That painting of the dude in the mountain, is huge. Pixel count i mean. But that mage was actually only a smaller part of a larger image. The painting was meant to be inside the right guys finger (Pixars 'Day & Night' tribute)

If you haven't seen that short film before Toy Story 3, I recommend buying it.(think it comes out Nov 2nd). Along with all the behind the scene stuff they give. Im hoping for hours and hours of toy story production videos. Pixars extras usually leave you satisfied with your buy.

Here is the largest image i have at the moment. The idea is to set up a camera and have all of these images (my portfolio) embedded in this big world (which is gonna be my practice for doing a bunch more environments. And after it comes to this image, im hoping to place it all over an alien world, that zooms out to space, so im gonna draw the Galaxy.
This picture is meant to show one side- Humans focusing and soaring off into space to explore the universe and the other side is just a big darn doomy collection of doom

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